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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 13, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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then one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicl [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's your stor the citi forward card can help you write it. the candidates for d. mayor are working into the night hoping to change mds and win some votes. good evening. >> i'm doreen genzler. since 1985, only five have been the mayor.
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they hope to change that number to six. dorothy spencer is live outside the wilson building, home to both office the candidates are fighting over. dorothy? >> reporter: that's right, i was able to speak to the mayor as well as vince gray tonight. both of them are confident about winning this election. both have had their say, theyll end their campaigning tomorrow. the voters will decide who is the best man for the job. as go-go music blares, they urge the the crowd to put mayor vince back in office. this was the last night for the candidates mayors' race. this was about energizing young people. he's pbeat, even though he's
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down in the polls. >> people understand there is way more good that's happened in this city hthan bad, and we'll learn from whatever mistakes we made to do a better job next time. >> but candidate vince gray is hoping there won't be a next time. he spoke to residents outside a safeway store in southwest. he says he's getting more than the anti-sympathy vote. >> i heard people who had that attitude actually transition to another place wre they said, i was really again vinti, but now that i've heard gray, i support him. >> it's been a heated battle between the two men, sency run og his record,ray pushing on leadership and promising to be a more inclusive mayor if elected. >> all i want is this city to be the best city in the world, special formal kids. >> when we got into this, we felt like we could win it and we
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feel more confident now that we can win this election. >> the district's polling places are open at 7:00 in the morning. they will remain open until 8:00 tomorrow night. they're hoping for a strong turnt and they will probably get it. darcy, -- doreen, back to you. >> okay, darcy. thank you. they're going to the polls in what is expected to be a highly competitive race for -- sam dean, hery c. turner and levi are all candidates. they're trng to place jack johnson who is going back in the private sector after eight years in office. we'll report on maryland and d.c. and all the districts all day and we will have results tomorrow night on news4 at 11:00. residents in a quiet fairfax
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county comnity are stunned to learn that a murder there may have stemmed from a discussion about a speed ump. his neighbor, david patton, has been arrested. court documents show patton was previously charged with assaulting carr in june apparent because he was upset that carr had lobbied lawmakers to have a speed hump installed in front of his house. the two were due in court this week on that asslt charge. >> real, real sa day for the community. neighbors can't get along sometimes, and a silly thing like a speed hump can cau a tragedy like this. it doesn't make any sense, does it? >> david patton is being held without bond tonight. the police in south florida are investigating the murder of a businessman from the d.c. area. the body of samuel del broco was found in his house last night. del broco was the chief executive officer. he frequently went to orlando
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for business. executives there have not released any details aut his murder. they released a statement that said we are shocked and sad denned about the sudden loss of our ceo,ut they refused to go any further because of a police investigation. amy west, a former pentagon contracter from fairfax, was arrested for kidnapping her two young children. now having served time for that crime, she wants to correct what she says are miss perceptions about how she was portrayed in th media. she spoke exclusively to news4's jackie vincent. >> this was released for an extensive search for her and her two sons. they said west was being treated for a mental disorder, according to polic and that she could pose a threat to her children.
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>> i certainly, number one, was not mentally ill. i was not off any medications. i was being treated for ptsd as a result of being in the pentagon during the 9/11 attacks. i was working in there. i have beendevoted to my children since they have both been born, and there is no way i would ever harm a hair on their heads. >> west was located days later and charged with parental kidnapping, for failure to turn over their kids to their father for his visitation. >> i realize i made a mistake and i should not have taken off. >> west went to jail for seven months. she lost custody of both boys. >> the judge ordered i pay child support at my salary of 7k a year even though my attorney argued there is no way i could do that while i was in jail. >> owing thousands in attorney's
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fees, she dipped into her parents' account to settle her debt. as for max who is seven, and jack, who is two and a half -- >> even though i haven't seen them for a long time, i still think about them every day. they're in my heart. >> calls to gordon's attorney were not returned. metro still look to go repair elevator problems that hit halfits stations in arlington this morning. the elevators were out at the ral ston, courthouse, boston, pentagon and the crystal city stations. paramedics had to free one woman from an elevator after she g trapped at the courthouse station. it's not clear what caused the elevators to shut down. repairs at the ralston and pentagon stations could last
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until wednesday. elevators at the wheaton station were fixed. fear about the huge pipeline explosion in san bruno, california this week. vfw workers in virginia found a discarded flag that they tracked back to the civil war era. beautiful day today. i think we'llsee another beautiful day tomorrow. some changes in the forecast? i'll show it to you coming up in just a minute. lindsay? the nationals tried to avoid a sixth straight loss in atlanta. the redski motivated after beating the cowboys and the ravens and jets take a hey, ove, i'm gonna need bank. any ideas?
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investigators are still searching for answers about a natural gaspipeline explosion in california.
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the 50-year-old pipe ruptured in the city of san bruno last thursday. it ignited a fireball that destroyed nearly au50 homes. four people were killed ask more are still missing. agents with the tranortation safety board are investigating th blast. they say they're going to look at the issue on a larger scale because there were similarly aging pipes in neighborhoods across the country. the man in charge o a proposed mosque near ground zero signalled that all options are still on the table, and that could include fnding a new location. over the weekend, imam said the project would move forward. but then he said they were looking for a solution. he said it was hard pressed that was religious ground with its
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massage parlors. 60% think it would be inappropriate to build it there. congestion on d.c. treets. what is being done and the biggest problems, according to drivers. a backyard in fa
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according to a recent survey, the nation's capitol has the world's worst commute. of course, that is no secret in and around the beltway, and tonight craig melvin has a look at just what makes driving ound d.c. so bad and what's being done about it. >> reporter: driving around d.c. in a nutshell. >> very frustrating, time consuming. >> reporter: the hatred is justified, at least according to a recent all state insurance study. of 200 cities surveyed, d.c. was
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the worst in which to drive. what makes it so seems to be about the only thing on which we can agree. >> driving ind.c. is very hectic. >> pretty congested. >> reporter: the causes of the congested depends on when you ask. one man remembers when a trip to the northwest moved him. >> the nicest part was at 5:30 when you looked up and down the street and saw almost no cars. we need to ge rid of the cars. >> gabriel has a plan. mostly these. >> it's going to be free for the first 30 minutes and w cost after that. >> gabriel plans on a lot of new bike lanes. >> i love it, it's very dangerous, car ors swinging open, cars orunning red lights. >> it seems like they've declared a war. >> and their general could be
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anderson. some of the city's plans to help, like the new bike lanes, actually hurt. sdp >> what you do to cars and all the tourist buses and metro buses could cause instant gridlock. >> to maximize impact, he would rather see d.c. emphasize on these. the city is on it. >> if a car pulls up, it will actually flip the signal as long as there is no other cars in the opposing corridor coming. >> rorter: d.c. recently installed a new system at 11th and 0 street northwest. while it's in the budget, the expensive citywide system means we won't see it for years. a high-tech signal system,ore signage to direct those out-of-town drivers. those well-intentioned efforts have been overshadowed by something else the city has done. >> it increased by doub, in some cases more than that, over
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71 different areas they jacked up the on-street parking to two, three dollars an hour. >> if you intend to stop -- >> there's no parking. >> they put up kilometrmete fas than you can blink. >> the reality is times have changed. >> hopefully the gridlock will change soon, too. >> not likely. >> we can dream, can't we? >> here's my forecast for gridlock. >> for a long time. how about the forecast for our weather? >> continued great. you used the word delightful a minute ago. i think it's going to be like that again tomorrow, and really over the next couple days as well, and really a delightful night outside right now. look at this shot. just gorgeous out there. clear skies right now. a very nice night with temperatures in the 70s around the city but areas falling back
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into the 6 0s outside right now. a high of 85 degrees, low of 81. another great day, and i tell you, i think we're going to see more on the horizon. 73 degrees right now, dew point of 55, winds at south-southeast at 3 miles an hour. mostly clear skies across the r region. we have a frontal boundary coming through the area. it brought a shower up there to the north. stopped the game betwen the jets and the ravens a little earlier. they were postponed about 15 minutes. that's making its way on through, and beyond it some pret nice weather. tomorrow 62 to 69 degrees as you send the kids to the bus stop and to pick them . there's the frontal boundary. there's the nice weather. the frontal boundary continues to move to the north and northeast. we have seen numerous areas of high pressure and really some
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fantastic weather over the past two weeks or so, and i think it's going to continue ov the next couple days with that area of high pressure lingering. now, hurricane igor has now weakened just a little bit. ow a category storm, but winds are down to 140 miles an hour. winds are moving to the west at about eight miles an hour. the only change now, i told you earlier it could take more of a turn to the west. it brings it a little bit close to the east coast but bermuda still on the path there. so bermuda, if you have interest in the next couple days, i'd continue to keep an eye othis storm. if you're going down to the beache that's the only area that should see any impact. that would be rip currents but i do not expect this to make any direct impact o land. what are we going to see tonight and tomorrow morning? as i mentioned, another nice morning. clear and comfortable, sunrise at 6:59. late tomorrow, temperatures right around where they should be, so we'll call it seasonable.
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78 to 82 degrees depend og where you are. 81 degrees on wednesday and a slight chance of a shower late thursday, mostly to the north of the area. i think most of us will remain dry and see a pretty good thursday. igh temperature around 82. 78 degrees on friday. a chance of a shower early in the day but then again clearing. so not a lotf rain in the forecast at all and even this weekend i actually looking pretty good. we've got another football game, i think, coming up. >> i ink so. sll ahead tonight, pope fev has a new look in great britain ahead of a visit this week. sports and braves. did y
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all summer long, they're talking smack. >> they h mets had theirwn version of hard knocks tonight. it played out on the fool field. bottom line, the jets were a disappointment, and there were many stats that helped toward that, but how about tied a 5? they held them to 74 yards in passing. the ravens get the win 10-9. ray lewis, man, was he on fire tonight taking on former coach rex ryan and the jets. it was a defensive battle. jets up 6 second quarter, flacco to bolden but antonio mty gets
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it, tiptoes to the sideline, cuts back on the field, weaves his way to the ravens' end zone. jets are in business. the jets' offense was anemic. two plays later after getting great field position, shawn green gives the ball right back to the ravens. take another look. reeves runs into his own defensive lineman. they set up the ball that would get a ravens touchdown. the ravens go on to beat the jets a hard-fought game 10-9. mike shanahan awarded his team off today. he knows there islenty of room for improvement but was happy with his team's attempt against dallas. at fedex field there was not a soul sitting down for this one.
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the skins were ahead 10-7. williams catches for the apparent touchdown, but there was a holding call on the cowboys' alex barren, but after that, the play was necessary gatd. the redskins win the game. alexander summed up the importance of that one. sdp >> we didn't play that well as a team, as a collective. so we have to go back and look at the film and know we can get better and score more and make more turnovers. >> there is no knockout plexus. so this takes a while. and it's the teams that get ready for each round is a team that has a chance to be successful. sdp >> mike shanan and the redskins preparing for you now for the houston texans. lowe had gon over the
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nationals, but this evening he had a career high with 12 strikeouts. derek lowe was just in one of those zones. top of the first, lowe gets ian. then they throw their second to cch danny espinoza stealing. just the start of it for lowe. >> really? >> why did you say really? >> lowe strikes out 12 nationals over eight innings of work. ian desmond struck outour times toight. they didn't fare so well in the bottom of the second following two walks. dek lee scored easily. it was part of a four-run second for atlanta. derek lowe shuts the nationals down from there. they dropped their sixth grame n a row 4-0 to the braves. sad. >> how come they don't have nobody in the stands? >> people are watching football.
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that's why. if they were smart, they would have hd video and you could act like you're not watching it. >> thanks, lindsay. >> you're [music throughout] hi, homei'm home. genuine glee. just $14.99 and $79.99.
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president obama ditched the white house for a fairfax county backyard today while making a pitch to extend tax cuts to the middle class. president obama went to the home of john ask nicole armstrong. they live in fairfax with their
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twin children. he took questions about the economy from about 30 neighbors. many ofhem were supportive of his plan to exte middle class tax cuts and raise taxes only on the wealthiest americans. senate republicans feel otherwise. they say they are united in opposing th proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy. that is despite john baynor's signal yesterday that he might be willing to side with the president. meanwhile, some democrats also disagreed with the president. virginia senator jim webb says he doesn't think taxes should be raised on anyone while the economy is struggling. vfw post 53 in virginia made a dcovery dating back to the civilar while retiring some damaged american flags. they found one with only 35 stars. that means it was made between 1863 and 1865 during the civil war after west virginia became a state. the vfw is now trying to get it uthenticated. they plan to donate
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our job is to listennough. anfind ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my familstill lives he. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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my familstill lives he. . a british company called catholics with attitude is printing new t-shirts in advance of pope benedict's visit to great britain this week. they say "i lovepapa benny and popebenedict." sales have s [ cheers and applause ]


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